Catch A Vibe

Richmond is fast becoming one of the East Coast’s favorite destinations with speakeasies, rooftop parties, live music, festivals and a host of local wineries and wine bars. It’s not hard to catch a vibe in RVA.

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Arts & Culture

The Richmond region has art woven in every corner. With a vibrant young art scene, Richmond is one of the leading art destinations. From open mic nights to festivals, mural art and hip hop battles we have Black excellence on display for all to enjoy.



From thrilling rides to breathtaking botanical gardens, the Richmond Region’s attractions are easily accessible; enjoy one or enjoy them all. A new experience is waiting for you!

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With a number of boutiques, store fronts, pop-up shops, and markets Richmond is . on the cutting edge of building creative shopping experiences.


Sports & Rec

If you’re looking for a good workout, catch up with some of Richmond’s Black-owned gyms, group fitness centers, and many other recreation opportunities.



Richmond is the birthplace of the Black journey in America. Take a tour by bike, Segway-led tour, or walking through the many trails. It’s sure to be a historical experience everyone will love.


HIstorically black colleges

From Freedom Classic to Battle of the Bands, enjoy culture through the eyes of the Richmond’s historically Black colleges.


Health & Wellness

Whether you’re in search of medicine or holistic healing, Richmond is home to one of the first black-owned pharmacies in Virginia and a host of black-owned yoga studios and massage therapy centers.