Frequently Asked Questions

What is BLK RVA?

Highlighting the Black community in Richmond, Virginia, BLK RVA is a community effort to increase tourism to the Richmond region by celebrating the history and accomplishments of African Americans past and present. We promote African American tourism by illustrating the Richmond region as a multicultural hub that specializes in four pillars: Arts & Entertainment, Food & Drink, Community, and History. Through this initiative, we’re setting out to increase tourism, engage regional residents, and support businesses by showcasing spaces that highlight the Black experience in the Richmond region.


The Richmond region is the birthplace of the Black journey in America. Studies show that 1 in 4 African Americans in the United States have roots in Richmond, VA, yet very few Black people return to Richmond as their preferred travel destination. Showcasing our rich community, vibrant culture, and complex past will celebrate our region, and the incredible progress we continue to make. By bringing positive attention to the hundreds of Black-owned restaurants, shops, and entertainment platforms in the region, we can share our pride in the place we call home.

For every rising Black business established in the Richmond region, there’s a Black business that’s been rooted in the Richmond community for decades, serving as an example of legacy and generational wealth in the Black community. Both should be celebrated.

Who is the team behind BLK RVa?

Richmond Region Tourism and a host of community members, led by Enjoli Moon, developed the concept for BLK RVA. The Ryano Graphics team, owned by Visual Strategist Shannon Bass, joined the initiative to provide graphic and web design, videography, and digital strategy to bring this campaign to life. The team includes Tiffany Anderson, Janna M. Hall, Andre Johnson, and Antonio “Knoxx”, all of whom are Richmond residents who understand the importance of making the Black experience a cornerstone of Richmond region tourism.

How can I participate in the BLK RVA campaign?

Social media has the power to spread messages far and wide. We encourage you to Follow @VisitBLKRVA on Instagram, “Like” us on Facebook, and use the #BLKRVA hashtag every time you support Black excellence in RVA. We’ll be sharing your posts and highlighting your experiences to show just how vibrant this city is. We know it, but now we’re ready for the world to know it, too.

How did you select the businesses and public figures to feature in the launch?

BLK RVA celebrates aspects of the community that are both rooted & rising. Our goal is to highlight all Black businesses and ventures in some capacity, but for the launch, we wanted to pay homage to the businesses, public figures, and events who have a longstanding history of shaping the Richmond region. Additionally, the first wave of newer businesses we feature will be the beginning of a series of features that will span the region over time.

How can my business/event/venture get featured?

We’ll be updating the events calendar regularly and featuring businesses who are both established (rooted) and new to the region (rising). Submit your business and/or event through the Contact Us form on our website.